RAW Architects were represented by Prudence Duncan as a graduating student from the MArch program and Adam Russell’s Urban Coagulate MArch studio at the end of year Architecture ‘best-in-show’ exhibition at UTS. Here are some photos…


The Urban Coagulate studio generates proposals for a new hyper-dense housing precinct in Haymarket. The studio locates itself amidst the inherent tensions between urbanity and domesticity, and between exploiting the site and propagating the city. Knowledge in collective housing, urban morphology and the topographic building allows students to speculate within the ambitions of the following reference questions:

01- What contribution can a large project make to the city?
02- How can the topographic building reconcile complex urban conditions with emerging housing needs?
03- What prototypical housing models can we develop to invite new modes of collective living?
04- What role can the housing ‘site’ play in redefining what it means to dwell in the city beyond the private domestic environment?