ArtCamp – Camperdown

Marrickville Council’s project to transform an existing park hall in Australia Street into a new ‘Art Camp’ to provide creative space for a young artist- in-residence, mentored by an established artist in adjacent studios.


A clear distinction is made between the white artist areas and the centrally located shared space in green. (View from Studio A, the artist in residence space).


Our design concept makes a limited number of key moves, each carefully considered and each performing multiple tasks. Our proposal establishes a flexible arrangement of private, open and common spaces that can be adapted to suit occupation by either artist or by both. A level of neutrality is maintained in each creative space as a backdrop to the artists work. This is balanced by a bold a graphically engaging common space that is central to the scheme.


Conceptually the existing interior is stripped back to basics, stabilised and painted bright white. A single, central element is then inserted. This central form provides, screening, storage, security, seating, and an overall sense of drama to the space. It is multi-purpose and operable. The choice of robust materials [chain wire fencing] and bold colour [green] establishes a direct relationship to the sport and recreational facilities of the immediate parkland context.


Arrival and signage engaging with the landscape setting of Camperdown Park. Artists activity behind translucent roller doors illuminates the park at night.


Translucent roller doors admit an abundance of natural light to Art Camp by day. (Studio B, the mentor artists space).

PROJECT: Marrickville ArtCamp
YEAR: 2011
CLIENT: Marrickville Council
TYPE: Public
VALUE: $45.0k
LOCATION: Camperdown NSW, Australia
PEOPLE: DRAW Adam Russell, Frankie Layson