Designer Dunny – Kenilworth

A universal design that draws local heritage and the landscape together through a bold, sculptural arc – Eye-catching, engaging and accessible architecture, for visitors from near and far.

The Hinka Booma Arc by RAW Architects unites present and past through the sculptural and embracing form of the arc. An iconic art-wall is coupled with a sheltered lookout to provide an exciting landmark attraction for the region. These two key elements incorporate accessible toilets, seating, interpretive heritage, panoramic views, screening against the weather and sustainable and flood-resistant plumbing and electrical systems.

The building enters a formal dialogue with important existing structures, anchoring their place in Isaac Moore Park and complimenting their functions. The arc-form of the building also creates a wind-break for picnic-makers on the sunny lawns to the north. Hinka Booma is the aboriginal name for the Kenilworth area and an appropriate name for the project.

Our concept emerged from three converging design investigations: The passive performance of the vernacular two-storey Queenslander; the reconceiving of an accessible ramp as an exciting journey that embraces the landscape; and thirdly, relegating the toilet amenities infrastructure as secondary to the culturally-rich heritage interpretation and lookout. Two main elements bring the idea to life: Firstly, a Richard Serra-like structure of inflected arcs that anchor the building to the landscape and conceal the compliant ramp within a larger spatial idea; and secondly, a finely detailed lightly detailed roof and screen element that cantilevers overhead.


The interpretive mural, conceived by RAW Architects with GML Heritage, will enable the local artist community to participate in creating a large artwork illustrating the rich heritage of the area. The example we have put forward is eye-catching when viewed from the roadway yet will present a nuanced series of detailed interpretations when viewed up close. The roof form appears to float in the landscape and establishes a setting of elegance and grandeur. At night, detailed outdoor lighting will dramatically illuminate the mural and roof soffit, improving visibility, safety and security.

The toilet facilities and viewing platform are 4.0 meters above ground level and achieve Q100 flood immunity. Rainwater collection and waste holding tank are located in the belly of the structural ramp, protected from damage by seasonal floods. A 1 in 14 ramp incline and landings every 9.0 meters ensure universal access to all visitors. The ramp is incorporated into the overall experience of the site and generates a series of views along the journey to the toilets and lookout platform. Stairs at the return landing open up the space further and allow the roof to frame a view to the east.

The cantilevering roof and screen above provides protection from sun, wind and driving rain.

PROJECT: Hinka Booma Arc – Kenilworth Designer Dunny Competition
TYPE: Public amenities and lookout, National Design Competition
LOCATION: Isaac Moore Park, Kenilworth QLD
CLIENT: Sunshine Coast Council
YEAR: 2016
VALUE: $0.5m
SERVICES: Design Competition
TEAM: Adam Russell, Jan-Hendrik Höhnk and Prudence Duncan
JOB NO: 1543