Lomatia Pavilion – Springwood

The Lomatia Pavilion is a new venue and storage facility located at the edge of Lomatia Park in Springwood. The pavilion, commissioned by Blue Mountains City Council, is designed to meet the needs of a range of passive and active park users.

In partnership with Council and the various user groups RAW Architects developed a list of design principles. These principles focused the needs of the users and inform the design process.

Multi-sided building
Design a multi-sided building-in-the- round that balances diverse user- groups and a variety of views.

Adaptable use
Balance the ability for the pavilion to quickly open up and feel welcoming, against the need for security and graffiti resistance.

Build on tradition
Acknowledge traditional park pavilion building forms in the provision of a contemporary design that utilises cost- effective and durable materials.

Sense of renewal
The pavilion should be visually engaging and catalyse future park use by the public and growth in club memberships.

PROJECT: Lomatia Pavilion – Springwood
TYPE: Public
LOCATION: Lomatia Park, Springwood NSW
CLIENT: Blue Mountains City Council
YEAR: 2016
AREA: 350 sqm
VALUE: $1.2M
TEAM: Adam Russell, Holly Julian, Prudence Duncan
JOB NO: 1611