Luxe – North Steyne

Located at the last kink in North Steyne, the form of the building draws inspiration from the ancient sandstone cliffs of the headland and their slow struggle with gravity. Balconies in Luxe – North Steyne cantilever toward the horizon creating a series of alternating sheltered and exposed ledges for the inhabitants of the building. These curvaceous outdoor spaces are staggered across the facade developing an interesting profile in the street-scape that, like the sandstone cliffs, is in constant shadow-play as the day passes.

Site Plan
The building mass of Luxe has been broken into two distinct parts, respectful of a landscape corridor that already characterises the adjacent urban grain and runs parallel to the street frontages. A generous landscaped courtyard sits between the two buildings. Along the south boundary is a view corridor. The view corridor sets the buildings away from the boundary and maximises solar access for neighbours to the south. View-lines from Bonner Avenue connect through this green corridor back to the beach.

Looking at Luxe along North Steyne towards the Manly Corso
The choice of materials in Luxe combines elegance with endurance. A reflective white tile cladding on the building facades references the sparkle of sunshine on moving water. This shiny salt-resistant finish reflects light from the sea and horizon, particularly when viewed at an oblique angle. The tiling also ensures maximum natural light extends to the ground plane in the set-back areas.
Urban Section

South Elevation through the view corridor
Off-form concrete balcony soffits express the raw strength of the cantilevers and bring a natural patina to the elevation when viewed from the footpath below. The concrete will be evenly lit from beneath softly brining the building alive at night.Roof elements are clad in a mid-toned grey aluminium cladding panel and continue the curved-corner aesthetic of the lower levels. Hand-seamed vertical ribs in the aluminium bring rhythm to the upper levels and produce an array of fine shadows as the sun moves across the surface.

Luxe at the Bonner Avenue frontage
Landscaping is used extensively to reinforce a sense of place, deal with building adjacencies and to characterise the development. Bicycle parking, laundry drying and compost areas are integrated into the various common and private spaces of the project.

Ground Floor Plan

PLAN-L1First Floor Plan (north-east balcony)
Alternating balcony geometry provides a variety of direct sunshine and deep shade in each apartment.

Second Floor Plan (south-east balcony)

Design iterations from our 3D printer

TYPE: Premium Housing
LOCATION: North Steyne, Manly, NSW
CLIENT: Private Developer
YEAR: 2014
AREA: 1,765 sqm (14 apartments)
VALUE: $10.5m
SERVICES: SK and DA (CD and CN pending approval)
TEAM: Adam Russell, Brooke Jackson and Prudence Duncan with JTA
COLLABORATORS: Aecom, Peter Glass and Associates
JOB NO: 1406