Public Awning – Sydney

The city of Sydney commissioned us to produce a series of studies for a new pedestrian canopy on Druitt Street. Our commission from the City called for a continuous shelter for cafe customers and commuters waiting for the bus. As a starting point we sampled the geometry of the existing Council House building. Our proposal attempts to establish a memorable  place to linger along an otherwise busy stretch of city footpath.
This project builds on Adam’s experience designing public awnings for the Spanish Quarter in Sydney (See the project here: SAA Spanish Quarter Awnings) when practicing an associate at Stanisic Turner Architects.

Spatial and performance analysis diagrams.

Druitt Street elevation. A series of ‘ribbon’ elements form a sectional wrap of the canopy, dimensionally marked out by the brutalist brise-soleil above. While the primary plane of the awning is horizontal, the ribbons flow down at the kerb edge creating a fringe that follows the fall of the land.  Occasionally the ribbons drop to the ground at the rear offering opportunities for signage and providing structural support.

Druitt_Plan_02Urban plan. Large seating plinths provide linear seating for commuters with clear view-lines to arriving buses. Seating to the rear traces a wandering line that retains an existing tree and offers a variety of moments for collective gathering.Druitt_Sect_01

Section 01. Ribbon elements tie in to the existing Brutalist structure of Town Hall House. A lofty covered area brings distinction to the take-away counter for the existing cafe.

Section 02. As the hill falls away the ribbon elements drop with it minimising the effects of wind-blown rain.

Section 03. Folded ribbons frame the view up and down the street.



PROJECT: Druitt Street Awning
LOCATION: Town Hall House, Druitt Street, Sydney.
YEAR: 2008
CLIENT: City of Sydney
TEAM: DRAW Adam Russell and John de Manincor
JOB NUMBER: : 0843