War Design – Sydney CBD

Located in Sydney’s CBD this is the second project we have completed for graphic design outfit War Design Studios. War Design is a Sydney based studio, named after Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, a 3,000 year old book about outsmarting your competition, capturing the high ground and winning the battle before it even starts. Some of Sun Tzu’s strategies and nous are played out in the design of the new studio.


A limited palette of black paint, plywood and gold curtains have been deployed to create a rich warm interior workspace. Lights and furniture supplied by Fred International add a touch of glamor.


Turning constraint into opportunity, existing galvanised industrial shelving have been repurposed and wrapped it in warm timber panelling. Open shelf fronts are concealed behind a veil of deep-gold curtains drawn closed to instantly de-clutter and formalise the space. These freestanding elements economically divide work-meet areas and can be unscrewed relocated and re-used if required.