RAW Architects are a boutique design practice dedicated to meeting client requirements through the delivery of practical and innovative architecture. We work across various scales in the urban, public and residential building sectors with special focus on affordability, livability and adaptability. Our award-winning design process maintains a dynamic relationship between the project context, explicit performance requirements and emerging architectural concepts. We work reiteratively, allowing us to re-frame and refine the design through feedback from clients, authorities, consultants and the like. This process brings architectural coherence and identity to each project and for all involved – A genius Loci.

Our client relationships combine a level of expertise expected from a larger office with the intimate and hands- on engagement of a boutique practice. Unlike many larger practices, we can offer our clients continued contact with a practice director for the duration of a project – A great advantage to both clients and consultants. The practice specializes in delivering design excellence through high quality service on each and every project.

Project success can be measured against the ongoing value it generates, be it social, ecological, cultural or economic. Understanding where client values lay allows us to respond appropriately. When we exceed client driven value expectations the benefits are amplified for all.

A capacity to deploy our design capabilities across various scales and programs is clearly demonstrated through our portfolio of award-winning projects. Our methodologies transfer across various building types and programs. Indeed we have produced some of our best work when working with a new project type for the first time.

The trajectory of each project is communicated through three-dimensional drawings and physical models. We use immersive computer fly-through and 3d printer technologies to test and explain our ideas and add significant value when communicating with authorities and the project team.

Design is a potent agent for changing the way we live and work and we feel design excellence is a critical component in developing not only sustainable, but thriving practices and societies around the world. Architecture will inevitably have many different meanings for many different people. We care about the end user and strive to create dynamic spaces that work on multiple levels, are memorable and can improve the way we engage with each other and the city.


adam2bwAdam Russell is a registered Architect in NSW, Australia and founding director of RAW Architects. Adam holds a passion for critical practice and maintains continued focus on design excellence and high quality service. His architecture is held in high regard and has been recognised through numerous awards since 1999. Adam has particular expertise in public buildings, urban design and fine-grain urban housing. Adam is also an honorary Associate of the School of Architecture at UTS and part-time design educator in the Masters of Architecture degree.

Prior to RAW Architects Adam directed Sydney practice DRAW, with John de Manincor.








The team at RAW Architects shares over twenty years experience in public, commercial, housing, interior design and domestic projects Many of our projects have been recognised as outstanding works of architecture.

Present and (past) team members at RAW Architects include :
Adam Russell
Ben Wollen
Ella Dunne
Holly Julian
(Prudence Duncan)
(Hannah Devine)
(Brooke Jackson)
(Jan-Hendrik Höhnk)
(Suzy Pickles)
(Tran Tuananh Dang)
(Vesna Trobec)


Our experience tells us that synthesising the complexities of a project into a great work of architecture will rely on knowledge, experience and continuity. RAW Architects offer the experience of a larger office with the intimacy and hands- on engagement of a boutique practice. For larger projects we often collaborate with other practices. We maintain close relationships with these practices allowing us to compliment our in-house team with ‘in association’ arrangements when appropriate.

We surround ourselves with a team of energetic, diverse and experienced contractors, consultants and advisors. Like RAW, these collaborators practice with refined efficiency but are also well versed in lateral and  outside-the-box thinking. We share an ongoing relationship with many of our specialist collaborators who are familiar with our design process through successive projects.