Road Trip

On Thursday we spent the full day out of the studio on a whole-of-office reconnaissance mission. Our aim? To see some of the best-practice amenities pavilions and park-itecture from the last few years. Some of the best work around was by our mates Lacoste + Stevenson, CHROFI and Sam Crawford Architects (see photos below). Whilst on the road we visited two sites for public projects we are just embarking on – watch this space.

The day was topped off by a lazy farewell lunch in Springwood celebrating the contribution Hannah Devine has made to the practice. We wish her well in her new position at Nobbs Radford Architects.

It was a beautiful but exhausting day that we finally wound up at the pub, well after dark.

Lacoste + Stevenson at The Armoury.

CHROFI at Lizard Log.

CHROFI at Ballast Point.

DBJ at the Brick Pit.