UTS Great Hall awarded at the NSW Architecture Awards

Our UTS Great Hall and Balcony Room project was awarded a Commendation in the 2014 NSW Architecture Awards last night. We’re most excited by the news and will celebrate today with coffee and cake!

Our project. together with all the other winners can be seen HERE.

The commission for the UTS Great Hall and Balcony Room  project resulted from a limited design competition won by DRAW (now RAW Architects and The Architecture Office). We are grateful to the clients the University of Technology (UTS) for the confidence they held in us over the duration of the project. Special thanks also to the head contractors Lipman, facade and Mantle fabricators Facade Innovations and fabrication architects AR-MA. And of course much credit goes to the committed DRAW team at the time, Adam Russell, John de Manincor, Fransisco Layson, Lorraine Yip, Zana Wright, Raffaello Rosselli, Nick Sargent and Leisa Tough.